if it's dirty

we'll clean it

Cleaning services for every industry





Does your office need cleaning weekly or daily ? Cama Corp can provide you with a cleaning programme to suit your needs. Smal offices requiring one cleaner or large complexes requiring a team of professional cleaners, Cama Corp will deliver.

Pre-Schools, primary schools, secondary schools and colleges. Cama Corp has serviced them all. 

We develop a programme that takes care of both your school term and holiday cleans. 

Pubs, clubs, restaurants and hotels require a thorough and reliable cleaning service that can deliver 7 days per week. Cama Corp has years of experience in this industry.

Cama Corp's very first client was a local council, 17 years ago. We have serviced everything for councils from halls, pre-schools, car parks, offices, depots and public amenities.





Cama Corp provides both day time and after hours cleaning services to shopping complexes and retail chains; both big and small. From maintaining the cleanliness of a local shopping village to the demands of a busy centre, Cama Corp have it covered. 

Medical centres, gyms, fitness centres and aquatic centres, require a thorough cleaning service to keep their amenities and facilities in pristine condition.

Cama Corp have the experience to deliver. 

Whether it is cleaning vehicles or maintinaing the cleanliness of an entire rail network, Cama Corp have the experience to keep your organistaion and your commuters happy.

Theatres, stadiums and cinemas have rows and rows of seats that need an experienced cleaning crew to efficiently keep things under control. Cama Corp have years of experience in keeping tiered seating looking it's best.










Hard Floors need professional care to keep them looking great all year round. Cama Corp have the expertise and equipment to maintain many types of flooring - 

timber, vinyl, marble, terazzo, tile.

The external of any building needs to be kept looking it's best. Professional window cleaning can be programmed into your regular cleaning schedule, or it can be arranged as a one off request.

When is the last time your contract cleaners took care of your carpets and upholstery. 

Cama Corp will ensure that your carpets are included in  your cleaning programme.


Some jobs require the pure grunt of high pressure or mechanical scrubbing to get the job done.

Talk to us to see what options are available to suit your job.